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Add dimension to your expertise, career and practice by adding New Perspectives to your must read list. New Perspectives on Healthcare Risk Management, Control and Governance is the journal of the Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors. AHIA's outstanding authors write for those with the broadest responsibilities of any healthcare professional: internal audit and corporate compliance. Author manuscripts are refereed and peer reviewed to ensure quality, consistency and contribution. The goal of each issue of New Perspectives is to supply articles that provide readers with useful information, strategic insight, and practical guidance concerning healthcare risk, control, and governance matters for which they have general or specific responsibility.

In addition, Digital Insights is our complementary online-only bi-annual publication.

Typical readers of New Perspectives and Digital Insights include chief audit executives, corporate compliance officers, consultants and their staff-members.

Effective, proper, compliant use of resources is their world. Risk, control, and governance are in the public spotlight and New Perspectives can help you avoid the heat of that beam.

Try to New Perspectives for one-year and see the difference it can make! New Perspectives is a quarterly publication. Your one-year subscription gives you four issues for the low price of $65.00.

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